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We raise our Nishikigoi as our own children in the natural pond.

KOIX Japan

We are one of the largest Koi farms in Kansai area, inherited all the sophisticated technology from our origin, HISHIBU KOI FARM.
Besides Koi business, we provide maintenance service of customer’s pond and Japanese garden. Our customer includes famous Japanese traditional shrine and temple in KYOTO and SHIGA prefecture.
We were reborn as KOIX Japan in 2014, aiming to improve the quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Our Koi business have the history over thirty years. Our business has proven performance such as winning Grand Champion in Indonesia two years in a row.
In addition, we have been appointed as a judge at competitive Koi show in Japan and abroad. We have both wealthy achievements and experiences.

KOIX Japan
KOIX Japan

In 1998, we introduced Nishikigoi first to Europe, at INTERZOO in Germany. This event is considered as the starting point of rise of popularity of Nishikigoi in the world.

Today, Nishikigoi is welcomed by the people in many countries of the world. As Nishikigoi culture spreads, the Japanese language related to Nishikigoi is spoken and written in many countries.
Our mission is to introduce Nishikigoi to all over the world, the symbol of Japanese culture. We hope Nishikigoi become bright growing industry in many countries.

KOIX Japan

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