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  • KOIX Japan

    Sales Business

    Overseas export of Nishikigoi produced by KOIX Japan is our main business. We cherish the friendship with foreign countries through Nishikigoi.
    We have a philosophy of spreading the traditional culture of Japan through Nishikigoi, such as gardens, bonsai, ikebana, Suiseki.

    KOIX Japan

    Breeding Business

    KOIX Japan has the refined technology of the mating-hatching of Nishikigoi. We are putting our energy every day on production and development of powerful, grace Nishikigoi.

    We are the expert of Nishikigoi and Japanese garden.
    We have good knowledge and many experiences for exporting.

    KOIX Japan

    Garden Business

    KOIX Japan provides installation of the design, construction, maintenance and various filter of the pond with a focus on Japanese garden. We propose a graceful and delicate Japanese garden.

    KOIX Japan

    For Customers

    KOIX Japan will be pleased to grow your precious Nishikigoi big and beautiful in our natural pond.
    We will establish a elegant and comfortable breeding environment of Nishikigoi. We advice and support our customers. We also sell the KOIX original bait and various equipments.